Art Hangar



Luxury Design Apartments in Tuscany

Enthusiasts of design and modern architecture?
Then you have chosen the right place to base your holiday in Tuscany!

2 bedrooms

each with its own ensuite bathroom complete with rain showers and completely air conditioned, are suited to accommodate 4 guests. Design furniture, a fully equipped kitchen and a private wine cellar make this 220 m² space a vibrant, but at the same time, relaxing place with Nature on display from all sides through the glass walls. Design furniture and contemporary art sculptures are to be found everywhere around the hangar and close to the beautiful 20 metre long infinity swimming pool in the extensive gardens. In the open space, next to the loft, one can organise a (business) meeting, a disco partie or… just hang around… A washing machine and dryer are also available.

A comfortable former industrial hangar nestled in the magnificent Tuscan countryside. 

A very special place with a stunning view of the medieval ruins of the castle of Montelifré, only 2 km from the small village of Montisi, located in the municipality of Montalcino: this was originally the Art Hangar…Now it is so much more!! Built in the late sixties and then transformed into a studio by the great Austrian sculptor Reinhold Traxl in 1999… it was then that the real story of Hangar began.
Traxl being not only an artist but also an innovative architect, teamed up with his friend Peter Thurner, an Austrian architect, to conceive a system of “modules”, or units, made of immense sliding walls-windows that can open or close, through a system of guides, and shade the loft by means of steel grids.
A very modern concept which allows the glorious countryside to be present within the large rooms of the apartment, creating a unique living condition for the guests of the Art Hangar, whatever the weather conditions (too much sun, rain, …)

air conditioning



private chefs on request

rental bikes

tastings and visits

all that What do you desire

For dreamers

Art-Hangar, the home of choice of artists, dreamers, experimenters, architects, all who want to step away from the beaten path.

This is a very rare example of modern and visionary architecture in Tuscany, a contemporary interpretation of living in this region that not only respects the beauty of nature, but pays homage to it.
In 2013 Traxl sold his ‘atelier-house’. The new owner, a free spirit, has seamlessly carried on with the project started by Reinhold, faithful to his vision.
From a project started by the famous Austrian sculpture, Reinhold Traxl and his wife Astrid, we have developed a modern 220 m² loft.
The Tuscan landscape and surrounding private garden are harmoniously integrated into the interior through the immense glass walls.
Central to the living area is an open fireplace, an arresting modern creation by Australian artist David McKee.